Sell Us Your Car Today and Get a Good Value

Posted Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023

When we say sell us your car, we mean it. Our goal is to buy your car, whether it’s brand new or past its prime. We have a team of professionals who will handle all the necessary paperwork for you, so you don’t have to deal with any of the hassle involved in selling a car.


We’ve made the process quick and easy so you can sell your car as quickly as possible.


Why sell your car to Marciano Auto Group?


  • Our process is quick and easy - simply contact us, and we will get back to you at the earliest.
  • There is no obligation to sell your car - so if you’re not happy with the offer or get cold feet, you can always back out.
  • Get a free valuation from our professionals.
  • Once you agree to our quote, we’ll handle the rest.
  • Absolutely no need to wait for cash - payment is quick, free, and secure.

Better Than Selling Privately

You always have the option to sell your car privately. Simply list your car on any free platform for sale, and you will get multiple offers from buyers. Depending on your car, you could get a high range of offers, giving you a lot of room for negotiation.


However, the process can be rather time-consuming. Here’s how:


  • Step one is to list the car for sale.
  • Step two is to field multiple calls, chat for a few minutes, and then decide who you want to meet.
  • Step three is to meet in person, have the car inspected, take the car for a test drive, and then negotiate.
  • Step four - either accept the private buyer’s offer or move on to the next prospect
  • Step five - if step four didn’t work out, this entire process repeats until you get the right offer.


For most people, it should take anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes for this entire process to complete, not to mention having to deal with all the paperwork and collecting cash once you’ve accepted someone’s offer.


And if you refuse an offer, you will have to start the process all over again. This means multiple hours spread out across multiple days wasted negotiating with private buyers. At the end of the deal, you may get frustrated and not go through with the process of selling your car.


Compare this process with that of a dealership - a one-stop shop where you can buy a new car and trade in your old one. It’s a simple process that starts with a single phone call or a visit to the dealership.


Selling privately may require too much effort from your end, and there is always that element of uncertainty: the deal may always fall through.


Selling Privately Is the Best Option for Busy Motorists

Most motorists may be too busy to sell their cars privately. Some people may have an extremely busy schedule along with family responsibilities. If your calendar is already out of whack, having to squeeze in a few extra minutes (or even hours) to privately sell your car may simply not be a feasible option.


And even if you agree to a deal, you cannot let your guard down until you receive the payment and successfully transfer vehicle ownership.


You might think that you have more bargaining power as a private seller, but in most cases, the juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze. Besides, reputable used car dealers like Marciano Auto Group will always give you a better deal than you would find elsewhere.


This saves you both time and money, which is more than you can say for privately selling your car. Think of all the prep work that you save by simply opting to sell your car to a used car dealership.


With a private sale, you will have to research your vehicle’s market value, gather the necessary documents, and then prepare it for sale. It may not be worth the extra effort.


Not only does selling your car (or trading it in) to a dealership like Marciano Auto Group save time, but it can also save you money.

Benefits of Trading it in

Another option is to simply trade your car in and get a better option in exchange. This significantly reduces the amount of cash you may have to pay for purchasing the car. And if you opt for financing the car, you are bound to get favorable interest rates. This is because selling your old car will offset the price of the new car and lower monthly payments.


One of the major advantages of working with Marciano Auto Group is that we will work with you regardless of your current credit situation. With years of experience working with buyers of varying financial situations, we will give you the best possible interest rates.

We Always Give the Best Price

You might think that you will receive the best price from a private buyer, but that’s often not the case. At Marciano Auto Group, we will offer you the best deal we can for your car, pickup truck, or van.


Whether you want to sell a Ford, Honda, Range Rover, or Tesla, or pretty much any other type of car, get in touch with us today. Our service is fair and friendly - that’s why we consistently receive top reviews from our clients. There are no hidden fees that could catch you by surprise.


The process is easy; simply visit our website, and we’ll sort out the rest.

Sell Us Your Car and Get the Best Deal

Ready to sell us your car? Simply visit our website here and get started. In just a matter of hours (depending on your specific situation), your car can be sold, and you can receive the cash in your bank account. Or you could opt to trade the car in for something better. During the process of buying your car, we will also arrange for all the necessary paperwork, including transferring ownership.


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